This Page and children pages are currently under construction.  However, portions of the page with links provided to further resources should be usable, so feel free to click through if there are topics of interest to you.  Many of these links were found while researching my upcoming wine book, Wine Sense.

Under Construction

There is a lot of outstanding free and great valued wine resources.  We will be doing our best to consolidate them here for you to review.  I do not have any commercial relationships with any of the companies or products mentioned here.  For the most part, they do represent the best of the best in my opinion.  I have had good personal experiences with most of these companies referred to, but do not offer any guarantee of suitability for you.  In general, these resources and companies have helped to enhance my wine tasting experiences and appreciation.  Resources are provide in the following areas:

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2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Hey Steve -happy new year

    i have enjoyed reading your feeds over the past year on both a gastronomic and entertaining basis.

    I was looking for your thoughts on whether you are familiar and would recommend any apps for the management of my collection and the cellar. We have perhaps 150 bottles which we are storing at the moment which we continually add to. most are being cellared for 5+ years and i was looking for an app which i could easily catalogue them, store notes on the wine from either the producer or reviewers, locations within the cellar as well as a photo of the labels for cross checking etc. are you familiar with any apps that can do such things? i have looked online and whilst there are plenty out there, the reviews are mixed.

    I would appreciate our thoughts



    • Hey Scott. I believe the best system is Cellar Tracker made by an ex-Microsoft guy. Many restaurants use it to keep on top of their extensive listing and it has a tremendous amount of tasting notes and links to professional tasting services if you have a membership. It is like a Facebook for winos plus can keep track of your cellar properly. It is a donation type service, but they recommend an annual donation based on amount of bottles in your cellar. I will send some more information to your email.

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