2012 Krondorf Growers Barossa Shiraz

About one month ago, Cellarmasters sent me several wines to review.  I have been extremely busy and am just getting around to reviewing the first wine this evening, which is the 2012 Krondorf Growers Barossa Shiraz.  Fifteen years ago, I used to drink far more big Barossa Shiraz, but over the last decade have come to appreciate slightly less alcoholic content Shiraz and more from the Hunter Valley.  I also tend to drink my Shiraz after it has been in the cellar for a decade or more. Yet immediately upon opening the 2012 Krondorf Growers Barossa Shiraz, I could tell it was going to be a great wine.  The nose was full of refined fruit. It is not often I use the term ‘elegant’ when nosing a wine (even though I sometimes do when tasting it), but the 2012 Krondorf Growers Barossa Shiraz smells elegant.  It immediately increased my desire to get this wine decanted as soon as possible and to drink it.

2012 KrondorfThe 2012 Krondorf Growers Barossa Shiraz sits beautifully on the palate and has has a long and very pleasant finish. I love wines that not only taste good, but feel good on the palate and provide the extra enjoyment of finishing far after swallowing.  And the 2012 Krondorf Growers Barossa Shiraz certainly provides that!  I like the tactile feeling of a good wine as much or more than the flavor.

The color of the 2012 Krondorf Growers Barossa Shiraz is a vibrant red.  The taste is of dark fruits / berries, plum and spice.  As refined as this wine is, I would have had a hard time picking it as a Barossa Shiraz in a blind tasting.

For a young wine, the 2012 Krondorf Growers Barossa Shiraz is immediately drinkable. It will not cellar long (3 – 5 years?), but it does not have to as you can buy it and drink it immediately. This wine was such good value though, that Cellarmasters has already sold out of it.  However, the next vintage should be outstanding also and you can still look for other great Shiraz that Cellarmasters still has in stock.

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