Vino DeCanto wine preserver not suitable for use

12 days ago, I provided a review on the Vino Decano wine preserver and gave it a mixed review.  After another trial and use, I conclude it is not suitable for use.  First and foremost with only a quarter of the bottle left in storage over the last 12 days, I could tell the wine had deteriorated slightly in quality.  While it did a much better job over about 3.5 weeks than a manual pump would do, it is inferior to what an argon gas replacements is capable of.  I was told they had tested and preserved wine for up to 14 months, but I find this hard to believe.

Vino DeCanto in useOperationally, it continued to disappoint.  I was very cautious, yet still had problems determining how fast and how far to push the plunger; more importantly, I had wine dripping from the spout onto the counter for the next 30 seconds as it was settling back into the container.  And to get all the wine out of the container, I had to completely disassemble the device and pour about 65 – 70 ml of wine into the glass.  It is heavy to use and move about and was more effort to clean clean than I anticipated.

Unless future models are designed better and are easier to operate, I just cannot recommend this device as a wine preserver.  The $229 I spent on it was a waste of money.  I would continue to use a manual vacuum pump or consider using the Coravin or WineSave to preserve a good bottle of wine.  My initial intrigue and the promise of this wine preserver has faded.  The Vino DeCanto is a disappointment.  I am back to using my manual pump and WineSave until my Coravin arrives!

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